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Hello and welcome to W.E.A.R. Book Club! My name is Kimberly Scott, and I am the founder of W.E.A.R. Book Club. I started this group because of my passion for movies, food, and most of all books. Each month we read a book, watch the corresponding movie (when it applies), and feature a recipe for your enjoyment. At the end of each month, I go live with my husband or the author of the book to discuss our monthly read and compare it to the movie if it applies. I randomly do giveaways, post games, spotlight members, host a Birthday and Christmas card exchange, a meet a member program, do watch parties, host author takeovers, and do random give back events. Become a member to never miss out on the fun!

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Meet The Team


Kimberly Scott


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Pepper Harper



Barry Scott

Co-Founder / Movie Guru


Charleen Audirsch 

What Cookin' Y'all?

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Wanda Foss Osepowicz

Buddy Exchange Director


Jenny Ellingson

Buddy Exchange Assistant Director

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